24 Weeks

The weather this past week was pretty crummy & we didn't venture out in the rain & 40-degree temps to the Farmers Market on Saturday like we had planned. It was a major bummer because it was the opening weekend, but Josh & I still made good use of our time by sleeping in & watching Honey I Shrunk the Kids together. I love that movie. Kids movies are kind of our thing -- we watched Little Rascals about 15 times during our honeymoon after we randomly found it at Target in Hilton Head, SC.

The bump looks a bit bigger from this angle ...

How far along? 24 weeks (only 111 days until his due date)
Maternity clothes? Nothing new here
Stretch marks? Nada
Sleep? Sleep has been hit or miss for me this week. I've found that most of my pregnancy "symptoms" are most noticeable for me during the sleeping hours -- aches & pains, leg cramps, heartburn, frequent trips to the bathroom, & now insomnia has found its way into the mix. Either I can't fall asleep at night or I wake up in the middle of the night & it takes an hour to fall back to sleep. This is a completely new-to-me symptom & it's becoming more & more common lately.
Best moment(s) this week... Waking up from two amazing dreams about our baby. Nothing monumental, just dreams that he was already here.
Miss anything? Uninterrupted sleep.
Movement? Yes & I am starting to see a pattern in his sleep cycles. I can also see most of his kicks against my belly.
Morning sickness? None but I get a bit breathless & dizzy if I stand in one place for too long, though it subsides immediately when I sit down & take a few deep breaths.
Food cravings? I can't seem to get enough bananas right now -- bananas on cereal, on peanut butter sandwiches, or just plain. I'm generally not a big fan of bananas so this craving is kind of throwing me for a loop. I've also noticed that I'll crave certain foods for about two weeks straight & then I won't touch them again (not because they gross me out, but because my system has had its fill, I guess). I have two jars of pickles just sitting in the back of my fridge & a half-eaten bag of tortilla chips in my pantry that haven't been touched in at least a month.
Food aversions? Not really. I've been forcing myself to eat meat lately just because it doesn't sound appealing, but I have no problem eating meat once it's plated.
Looking forward to... making our first big purchases for our nursery!

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